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New to Straplocks (I have Questions)

Artie Owl

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Not really; threads don't seem to have any ill effects from the proceedure. While I don't tighten the fool outta the thing you don't really want the possibilty of slippage which might cause a less than ideal result. I've probably done 8 or 10 sets over the years and everybody has been well pleased, without a single report of a problem since their installations. Wouldn't advise the tactic with machine threads, (although I've used it on larger fasteners), but wood and sheet metal style cutting threads are pretty forgiving in that reguard.



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Step1.....buy a set of straplocks !!!

2.......the new screws that come with them, toss 'em, you dont NEED them.

3..... cover the threads of your stock screws w/masking tape.

4...... insert taped threads into your hand-drill.

5......while running the drill, hold the screw-head against a fine file until the head BARELY fits into the new straplock anchor.

6......remove screw from drill.......careful, it's HOT now.

7.......remove masking tape, install new anchor onto guitar with altered stock screw.


repeat as needed.


I've done exactly this on each of my 14 guitars.....some literally DECADES ago, never had a problem with any of them. [thumbup]


EDIT: condense to "Yeah...what Wedgie said"

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