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es 335 and 339 question

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Has the es 335 line always engraved the serial number and made in USA on the back of the headstock?


What about the es 339 is the number engraved with the gibson custom lower near the neck is that engraved or branded on or decal type?


I am looking to buy online because the closest music store is about a 5 hour drive from where I live. I have seen many pictures but never have held one in my hand other than at the music store and cant remember about the back of the headstock. I may make the drive again...but there are better deals online of course


thanks for any advice regarding if the numbers are engraved or a decal type concept

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I've got a 339 - Custom shop with the serial number as decals on the back of the headstock also a custom shop decal at the base of the headstock. Beautiful instrument "fat" neck. tone is a little darker/richer than the thin neck. If it's one of these you're after make sure you check out both of the neck types. I'm sure you'll love your purchase!

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thanks for the reply. Sounds like a great guitar and providing the info about the serial etc... I know the es 335 I have seen were always engraved and couldn't tell if ALL es series were engraved or not - more curious than anything.


ya i like the thin neck profile myself as I have spent most of my life playing Ibanez guitars with very thin profiles.


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