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Henry's big announcement


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Just so happens I have the day off. $30 for the train round trip. About 3 hours of travel both ways. I think it would be nice to have the forum represented. Is anyone else going?


I say if you have the time and money to do it, go for it. They're having it at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC, so maybe you can pick up some memorabilia from there

if you're not one of the first 200 to get whatever Gibson's going to be giving away. They didn't say much in the email about it (being very secretive... :-# for whatever). Part of the hype to get people to go, I guess. I'd do it if I had the luxury, just for the heck of it, but I've

neither the time nor money presently (my doctors are stealing it all away...what I wouldn't give for better health :( ). If you go, give us a report. Thanks, jnastynebr.

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Sorry could care less and less about this big ole announcement.


Well, yeah, but "change music forever"? (Or whatever it said...)


It's not even a big enough deal to be the headliner of the News or Events listing on the Company website.


I can't wait.


(Just a minute - OK - I guess I can wait.)


Who doesn't want music to be changed forever?


Heck, maybe they're going to make NY sound good!

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