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Photoshoot with my R8!


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Nice one! R8s rule!!

My recent R8 has those strings too. We're not the only ones' date=' other people are getting them [i']from[/i] Gibson also.


P.S. Loose the sticker before these guys start yelling.

Ha!!! I was just going to say something about that. Very nice plain top. I bet she sounds awesome.


she's sweeeet!!!! those are definately d'addario strings!

I don't know where you purchased her from, but I can attest from personal observation, that GC will restring with just about anything they have available. IMHO, if a licensed dealer replaces strings while the guitar is in their shop, they should be required to put on what came off (Brites, Vintage etc.). I realize strings are the cheapest part of a guitar, but I do have certain expectations that the guitar will come to me in factory spec. You could be making a future string decision based on bad poop.

I've also seen them replace a 500k tone pot with a 250k!!! Tell me that won't screw your sound. Things that just make you say Hmmm.

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