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Just bought the last distortion I would ever need! Goes great with the Les Paul!


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Hey guys... just wanted to share it with you... I just bought a VOX Bulldog distortion pedal... and it is awesome... the tone you get from it is like having a wall of stacks at full gain!


Two channels, tube driven, from mild crunch to high gain distortion, and the two channels sport gain and volume controls... general EQ and gain voicing for channel 2.


I first tried this pedal with a strat and a tele I was looking at... the ones with piezo bridges (power strat and power tele) they had the same finish (you know how Ive been GASsing for a matched set of strat/tele and I was going to buy them today).


When I tried the pedal with them it sounded OKish... nothing to loose sleep over... so I continued testing both guitars... The thing I didnt like was that the piezo bridges sounded like, two times louder than the pickups on each guitar... very anoying IMO, as I like piezo bridge/normal pickup blending, and if the volume doesnt match it is a little difficult.


So I asked the guy to give me a gibson standard faded just like mine (specwise only... cause mine is pretier)... WOW! the pedal just came to life... some metalheads that were around came and asked me if that was the metal zone from boss (they hadnt looked at it and I was sitting where they had a lot of boss pedals on display). They couldnt believe the pedal was a VOX.




So I got back to the studio with a new toy... and forgot about the tele/strat idea (for now)... spent less than 1/4 money and ended up more satisfied that I would have been with those guitars.



I just love the way Gibson and Vox products get along.

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