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It was 1974 and you....

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....were 6 years old. I had a cat named Geronimo, Captain and Tennille were all over the place, and Saigon still hadnt fallen yet. A girl in my first grade class named Gail had a huge crush on me.

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funny story about hitch-hiking here........hard to believe but absolutely true.


I grew up in a small town in NorthEast Alabama, and from the time I was 12, I hitch-hiked everywhere......usually across town to see my best bud, as he lived in front of a massive cattle/horse pasture with a mountain behind it....we had permission to ride the horses any time we wanted to, as long as we took care of them and their "tack".


The mountain was where we hunted....squirrel, turkey, rabbit, etc......back then young boys hunted w/o their parents, because we'd all been taught about what NOT to do w/our guns.


There must have been 30 times if not more that I hitch-hiked with an open shotgun over my shoulder, and NEVER failed to get a ride across town......usually from Senior Citizens that either knew my Grandmother, or were simply the trusting sort.

After i'd get in the car/truck, I was always asked where I was going hunting, and engaged with conversation either about the better local places to hunt, or an invite to their Church the next Sunday.


One time I caught a ride with a guy in a '67 (shoebox)Chevelle SS/396.......his driving scared me nearly to death.......I found out later that he was another friends oldest brother, who was wanted in Mississippi for 3 murders he'd committed when I caught the ride w/him.....he eventually got caught and did 18 yrs on a life sentence.


There are times that I wish the world were still like it was back then, because it's just not the same.

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