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Have you ever dealt with Evil


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Anyone who has followed the news in the Ottawa, Canada area has had a glimpse of pure evil. There was a Colonel, the commander of a base not far from Ottawa who was recently convicted of torturing and killing two women and over 80 counts of break and enter. On the surface this beast (I can't bring myself to call him a man), appeared pretty normal. A little eccentric maybe but totally unassuming. A friend of mine knew him fairly well and thought he was a little odd but that's it. This beast was a world traveller. Who knows what atrocities he's committed that will never come to light. He was living just a couple of streets away from my brother's house.

I hope that S.O.B. rots in jail...or worse.



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Actually in the past the profession of journalist was the sort of hard work that makes one eager to awaken in the morning to head off into the fray.


It's not so much fun nowadays. On the other hand, it's taken me across this and three other continents, it's allowed me to meet more than a few presidential candidates in the U.S. and even some political folks in the U.K., Europe and Korea... it's gotten bullets coming into my general direction and it's allowed me to meet more than a few "name" entertainers in their era.


My brother tells me I shouldn't complain: "You're like the old cowboy who died without a nickel in his jeans, but whispered as he left this world, 'It's been a good ride.'"


I s'pose he's right. Certainly about the nickel, anyway. Another coupla big challenges would be great, though. I may be gray-haired and creasy-faced, but I'm not dead yet. <grin>



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