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SG second pricing?????


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I am looking to sell a 1974 SG.

I am trying to come to a good price for it.

The trouble I am having is that it is a "second"

There is a small crack in the wood as well which I know I will have to discount it for, but I've seen some go for $2800 but they aren't seconds.


Can anyone direct me on how much I should discount this guitar because it is a second?



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Another Arizona Gibson guy - Welcome aboard!!!

And, you're not in the East Valley like everybody else!

I'm WAY west, near the Hassayampa River.


Unofficial forum rule; You MUST post pics to be part of the club.

Let's see yer SG!




If you can't talk to George, go straight to Walter Carter.

He worked for Gibson for a million years, that old guy knows his stuff.


The crack is a very subjective thing, depends on location, magnitude, and perception of the buyer.

With the double whammy of also being a Second, it's gonna kill the price.

How bad is yet to be determined...


What else do you have in the way of Gibson stuff?

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Okay! I added a picture. I'm not sure how to add more than one, it kept deleting anything else.

This is the only thing I have that is a gibson. This and the case!

The crack is hardly noticeable, but noticeable at the same time.

I've seen one pretty much the same guitar on ebay for $2800, but it wasn't a second and it didn't have a crack. I'm asking $1350, but I have one person telling me that because of the crack and because it's a second he'll only give me $1000.

Just not too sure what to do, but I will check out the advice above.

Thanks, and any more info is helpful also!

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