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re-issue knobs and tuners


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Good-day, all.


Hello everyone.


I posted this a short while ago but so far have had no luck with replies so I'm trying again!


I've got a general question about fitments on authentic versus re-issues - to wit ;


When, or at what serial number, did the Gibson company start to equip (original) 1960 models with reflector knobs and double ring Klusons?


We all know that the '60 'burst re-issues come with reflector knobs yet even a cursory flick through Yas' Iwanade's (Most Excellent) book 'The Beauty of the 'Burst' shows that the majority of original '60's are fitted with hat-box knobs. This view is reinfirced by the examples on show on-line at the Les Paul forum. Of the fourteen guitars illustrated between the above mentioned sources the ratio is 11/3 ! ! !


In the B-o-t-Burst book only one instrument (0 7615) has double ring Klusons. It has hat-box knobs however, spoiling my naive theory that the items became standard features at the same time. Furthermore, in the same book there is reproduced an original magazine advertisement for the 1960 guitar and this, too, has hat-box knobs and single ring Klusons. Of course just because it was an ad from 1960 doesn't mean that the instrument illustrated was that year's model.


From the serial numbers I've been able to note the following :


0 0237 up to 0 7170 have hat-box knobs.

0 7448 onwards have reflector knobs with the exception of 0 7615.


Hope someone out there can shed some light....


Best wishes,

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