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08/11/08: Arlen Roth's Intro to 'Hyrbrid' Picking

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Arlen Roth's Daily Lesson: Intro to 'Hyrbrid' Picking


Gabriel J. Hernandez | 08.11.2008




"Hybrid" picking is the term given to the technique of using a pick and finger when playing a guitar. This versatile style basically combines flatpicking and fingerpicking, and was a technique utilized extensively by some of the greatest guitarists of our time, including Buddy Guy, and pedal-steel players like Clarence White of the Byrds.


Arlen Roth is a master of this technique, and today's exclusive lesson focuses solely on developing this unique technique into your own style of guitar playing.


Roth examines how to use it for playing some great rockabilly rhythms, in addition to using it for playing leads. Either way, hybrid picking is something that should definitely be part of your guitar playing repertoire.


Click here to learn all about hybrid picking from Arlen Roth >>


And please don't forget to check tomorrow for another great Arlen Roth lesson, exclusively on Gibson Lifestyle!

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