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Vandenberg Missile Launch


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went the other way with that really sweet looking Step Mom possibility........


I think the latter is what happened. We, including myself jumped on your bandwagon in getting her as a step mother for your kids. Next thing I know the thread was gone.

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I just checked the upcoming Vandenberg Launch Schedule and we're in for a couple of real nice launches.

On or around December 6, depending on the weather, will be a GBI launch. That's a Ground-Based Interceptor. This will be more of a ballistic trajectory.

Then on or around January 11 a Delta IV Heavy is scheduled to launch from what we affectionately call "Slick 6" a US National Reconnaissance Satellite.

That vehicle will be in a geocentric orbit over a small Arizona compound near the Phoenix area. :-"

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One news report said it was going northeast.




Yeah, I haven't seen the original KCBS video that started it all.

The speed would be everything as an indicator, as a jet barely appears to move at altitudes to produce contrails.


A rocket goes, well, like a rocket.

Seen a couple launches myself.


One in New Mexico several years ago was done just before dawn.

Here in Phoenix, as the sun came up, it looked scary as hell.

I was at work that morning, and the local radio was quick to say it was a planned launch from White Sands.


As a pilot, I've seen lotsa contrails. Had my eye on the sky since I was in diapers.

I can see how people would think this one's a missile.


And yes, I rarely miss.

Point of pride for me, I'm rarely challenged by anybody I shoot rifles with - open sights.

Decent with a handgun, easily qualified for permits over the years.

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Well, let's not confuse this post with what happened Monday afternoon off the coast.

This O.P. was about a rocket that took off from Vandenberg.

I love the power and the fury of a launch.

I'm going to see if my Uncle, USAF retired, can get me on to the base for the next one. [biggrin]

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I have proof otherwise.

A source close to me said it was the N. Koreans.

Just kidding.

It wasn't just an airplane. It was an airplane with some serious contrails.


Contrail to popular belief, the truth is out there.....My theory ??? It was Joan Jett...

[thumbup] :unsure: [crying][scared][woot]

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