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Volume-at-zero issue with pickup position switch


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I recently picked up a 2008 Epiphone Sheraton II (Korea) and a 2010 Epiphone 335 Dot – love ’em both...but I just noticed this behavior, nd it’s the same on both guitars:


Normally, with both volume controls anywhere from 1 to 10. the pickups behave as expected for various switch positions. HOWEVER if either volume control is at zero, and the other at say 10, that pickup (the one at 10) turns OFF when the switch in the middle position ( ie its only on is one of the three postions as opposed to two of three).


I am not too concerned, as I typically have both volumes at 10, and all this will be replaced one day with new wiring, but, does anyone elee have this issue?? As it happens on both Epis I am assuming its somewhat ‘normal’ !!

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heh, heh.... Willy, you want to answer, or shall I?


EDIT: I'll toss this in while I wait...


From the EPI Lounge "Do-it -Yourself" Thread, GUITAR WIRING SECTION:


"3 way switch in middle, turn one volume down, BOTH pup outputs go down.

Wanna know why? Also Independent Volume Control wiring..."




Explains why you have no sound if one Vol at 10, other at 0...

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It's normal. It's called dependent volume controls. It is used in both modern (stock) wiring and can be used in 50's wiring. (The difference between 50s and stock is a matter of capacitor placement.)


Both modern and 50s can also be wired with independent volumes. This allows for total adjustment of either or both volumes in the center position. The DIY thread at the top of the Epi Lounge has links to all four diagrams.

The biggest difference is in the way you intend to use your volumes and tones. All have advantages and all have disadvantages.


The advantages and disadvantages get more involved but that's it in a nutshell.



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