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And were back!


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I was wondering why nobody had reported any post [biggrin] ..LOL!!! We had three softball games today and my BlackBerry didn't go off once [confused]


Usually Sundays are the most busiest day for reported content, and now I know why it wasn't this Sunday....


..... And here I thought y'all were being good little boyz and girlz

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In theory, I don't play the game. So I can't lose at something I don't play.


I am going to New York (hopefully) soon, and if I do, I will have to meet up with you. I'm only doing it to meet your sister...

Her bf would wreck you. [lol]

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Ha! I actually spent time writing and recording music today while the forum was down! It was beautiful!







Very nice recording and song ShredAstaire. Very contemporary yet 'old school' sounding at the same time. Nicely understated soloing. Good hook. Well done..Very catchy, still in my head after one quick listen....Yup...

And twenty plus ones for ya (just kidding)..

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I figured they pulled it down 'cuz the mods were at softball games or something similar. <chuckle>


I wish I could claim I was pickin'. Instead it's been work; prep for some regional rodeo-related stuff.



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