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Saw a '58 les paul jr today. What's it worth?


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Nothing broken or cracked, but the owner had the original paint stripped and then he repainted the body and neck himself. Not as nice as factory of course, but you figure a '58 must still be worth something.

The headstock wasn't repainted, and still has the original decals. If all the hardware is original what would it be worth?



What do these things go for now? Just curious.

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At the moment Gruhn's Guitars has a '58 LP Junior in 'Exceptionally Fine' condition, all original for $6,000.


For a re-fin'd home-painted one - who knows? Perhaps half that; but probably substantially less?


I had an all-original pre-CBS Strat that had, however, been stripped of it's paint by the previous owner. When it came to getting an insurance valuation it was deemed to be worth 1/3 that of an example with the original finish.


The obvious answer is it's worth what someone is prepared to pay. At the moment some seriously good guitars can be had for not that much money. One such as you mention wouldn't command that high a price in the current market, IMO.



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