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Well, they've done it again. Another JB artist model. That makes three and they still can't get it right.




Even though a big JB fan myself, I won't be in line for one until they get it right. In this video, it does not appear to be the guitar as advertised.The one in the video is a clear mahogany back.


MSRP is 6k. Once it hits the streets it may be around 4.2k-4.5k plus your state taxes. This appears to be nothing more than a 2013 model with the black trim and the back painted black, the tone and volume knobs changed and a signature truss rod cover. No JB SD pu's or the real deal neck shape. Not a fan of the 60's slim neck but do like the asymmetrical necks on the 2008 Standard plus models, I have two of them and the Traditional as well and like those neck shapes.


I think Gibson and Joe missed it on this one.... or is there something special about this guitar I'm not understanding?

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