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A great Tuesday


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Started by booking the day off vacation.

Got up at 5 am, took the bowsers for a good run, made coffee for my sweety and packed her off to work.

Built a great breakfast, played my ES-339 for about half an hour then put my golf stuff together.

Went out for likely my last round of the year. It was about 5 celsius, 40 or so farenheight. A little cool to start but the sun came out for the last 8 holes. Warmed right up to 8 or 9. Around 45 F. Didn't play great but had a blast none the less.

Came home, had a few pints toasting a 1929 fire engine that is leaving home and moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia tomorrow. Its going to a museum so all good.

Whipped up a great dinner, then played the same guitar for another hour or so and now here I am.

Life is good.



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Good deal; Good to hear about a good day...Even better to hear about a good day from a good person...I hope tomorrow is an even better day for you all !!![thumbup]


( I'm glad that little Happy Gibby Story had it's desired effect ) Ottawa would be nice about now. I have an old friend up there ( retired from the Canadian Government, worked in that Capital building, haven't been in touch. )

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