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Who's got a 50's Tribute Honeyburst?

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I gots one...

It looks pretty much like the one above.

(Sorry, no time to photo or post pics)


I like it so much that I sold my rosewood necked PRS McCarty Soapbar ($2100.00)

cuz it just didn't sound, play or feel as good as my HoneyBurst Tribute.

Beautiful guitar, but it failed my "head to head test". Bye, bye...




It's gone on to fund my next "got to have"...

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Now 5. Missed this thread while I was concentrating on work. Mine is a pre-flood model, I lucked out seeing it referenced here on the Forum by another Member who bought it's twin where it was sitting in Sam Ash's warehouse just before Gibson resumed production after the flood.


No new pics, but Linda Lu deserves to be seen in this thread.


Here she is with GT #1.



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Why would it be the 2nd best finish?


I think that finish beats all others (sorry goldtops..)

Actually he said second most popular. And he's correct (evidenced by it's selling out second, behind the Gold Tops, but before the others, in nearly every retailer who listed availability online). And I can understand it being your favorite. It's really nice! [thumbup]

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