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Reverse Firebirds with set necks?


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I thought I'd start a new thread hoping to catch the attention of Gibson people and owners/guitar techs who have looked into the neck pickup cavity of recent opaque color reverse Firebirds.


Forum member Rocknrollromz had a doubt about his solid color Firebird VII and had his guitar tech look at the neck p/u cavity and apparently found the neck to be glued-in, not a through neck as Mr. Dietrich originally designed. (btw Dr.T Les Paul had NOTHING to do with the Firebird design) Of course, the guitar tech could be mistaken, or the owner could have been sold an Orville/Tokai/Greco as a real Gibson, but he first had his doubts looking at the specs of modern Firebirds and the fact that the through-neck is only mentioned for the transparent finish guitars.


Dear Gibson, are the recent solid color reverse Firebirds made with set necks?

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That's precisely what I mean!


For those of you who aren't Firebird fanatics, please don't get me wrong. This isn't about some theoretical superiority of the through-neck design. I would be silly to suggest that a set-neck Les Paul or SG or Explorer etc. were in some way inferior to a reverse Firebird. It's just that the through-neck was part of the original Firebird design and making a modern re-issue where this key feature is there when it's visible (transparent finish) and not there when it's not, kind of reminds me of a certain "Norlin" era when Les Pauls were made with pancake bodies and short neck tenons. If the customer can't see it, who needs it?


And at this moment Gibson is coming out with a new Firebird with more gizmos than an Apple iphone. I wish them luck.

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@ Oringo,

As you know,our orig. non-reverse 12 strings were set necks,

but I'd be hard pressed to think the neck through had measurably more sustain than the

orig. set necks.

To all others, don't you think that big slabs of 50 year old mahogany may also contribute

to the overall sustain?

IMO, A "bird", be it Greco, Orville, Epi or Gibson, Reverse or Non-reverse, Set, Neck-thru

or Bolt on is still iconic.


The only preference I'd have would be MiniHumbuckers.


So if anyone can't seem to be happy with their birds,

Oringo & I can give 'em a good home! [biggrin][biggrin]

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Hey Vin,


I was never trying to suggest there's anything wrong with a set neck, in fact as the years go by, I've kinda come to the conclusion that I've liked the sound of my non-reverse Firebirds a little more than the reverse one's I've had. (but that might just be because my shoulder doesn't ache as much.... [biggrin] )


I started this thread because at first I was shocked by what I thought might be a crass commercial move by Gibson: making reverse 'birds the "original" way when it's visible, and make them in a less costly way when it's not.


I guess the fact that not too many people are responding either means owners might be afraid their 'birds will lose value, or that in the end, no one really cares. I guess from an owner's point of view, if it sounds good, looks good, and plays well, who cares if it's made the original way or not? Like you wrote about 'birds from different origins, I guess that's a healthier attitude than getting on a soapbox and accusing Gibson of heresy like I started doing.


BTW, Vin, I just wanted to ask you about that MIK Strat in your sig, are you sure it's Korean? In '82 I don't think Fender was making Strats in Korea, but they were having some amazing guitars made in Japan, and if yours is a JV or SQ series Strat from '82 you've got an awesome instrument! I picked one up for my son a few years ago, and I keep stealing it from him because it's such a pleasure to play on!

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I don't disagree with your post at all! I simply wanted to let the others know that

a neck thru is not, in itself, the absolute of Firebirds.

As a matter of fact, the best information is usually through the experienced within the forum, as the "marketing spins" are flavored for the sake of sales.


and yes, that Strat is Made in Korea! Larry & the others on the JV pages tried to help too on identifying that issue. Best we can tell, it had all the JV elements, stickers & markings

but the orig. headstock decal stated made in Korea. A hybrid to be sure & you're right,

a joy to play. I kept the orig.PG/PUs intact, removed it & installed a TortoiseshellPG w/ GFS SuperLead Alnicos. A true "quocker"!










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