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Cee Lo Green and his Lady Musicians (well one)

Artie Owl

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He was playing a song off his album "the lady killer" or something and I noticed his whole band was women. There was a keyboard(ist?) a guitarist playing a strat, a drummer and a bassist playing an SG bass ( I know there's at least one SG bass enthuiasist here, GSGbass)


They were talented, better than the actual guy singing in my opinion. I think Americans can check it out on comedy central, or on colbertnation.


I recommend.

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The girls are definitely playing. They are all well educated musicians. I know the guitarist. Her name is Sharon Aguilar


Brittany Brooks(drums) Theresa flaminio(keys) Regina zernay (bass)

They are nice to look at, and talented. Hard to find. Lol

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Over here in the UK we are only allowed to see some of the USA show-clips but they certainly do seem to be playing.


The lady playing acoustic seems to be enjoying herself in the Cee-Lo 'Lopez show' clip I found.


Unlike the quartet on show here...


My Excuse; I only remember it because this video came out when I was taking my B.A. in Photography. Very unusual for a video/film to be lit, essentially, by 'Ringlight' (near-shadowless lighting created by literally having, say, a circular light surrounding the camera lens). The video was directed by the late, great fashion photographer Terence Donovan. It certainly caught the spirit of the time.


I do like the song, too.





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