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There's some unanswered questions to be determined before a diagnosis. Is this the only guitar doing this? Hissing usually has more to do with the amp via tubes. Have you had this problem the whole time you owned the guitar in question? How old are the tubes in your amp? What type amp and how old? Are the tubes from China? etc. etc.


You can lower the pickups about 1/16 - 1/8 inches and see if this helps. I am more inclined to think it is the amp tubes. What pickups are in your SG?

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Yeah. Actually I have to check the amp (Its a PEAVEY JSX COMBO bought it 2 months ago), but I've tested the guitar on the other amp (ROLLAND CUBE)and there is the same noise.




Try lowering your pickups 1/8- 3/16" and see if that helps. Which pickups are in your SG? Also do you have access to a guitar that doesn't make that particular noise?

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don't know where you are, but some European countries use incoming power grounding methods that produce hiss, but most amp makers have "mod-kits" that defeat this....

also, grounding hum from some appliances comes in as a hiss as opposed to actual hum.

my plasma TV and especially the houses flourescent lighting, (along with ceiling fans and computers) cause this.


likely you'll either need a "hum-x" plug in, or a dedicated grounded circuit just for your sound equipment.

or, just live with a little hiss.....as a great many of us no doubt do.


whatever you do, do NOT let anyone talk you into using a standard ground adaptor with the ground prong clipped off/pulled out, as this literally un-grounds your amp, your guitar, and YOU.......and leaves you target for electrocution....i'm one of the survivors of this, but it cost a lot of $$$ to replace the melted wiring and blown electronics in my guitar when everything shorted out.

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My link


Right click on "my link" to open......

before buying this, I would try what Rewddawg suggested (lowering your p'ups), perhaps try a different lead cable, and different guitar/amp combinations to be sure it's NOT the guitar.....also, take the guitar to a different amp somewhere besides your home.


IF it only hums/hisses inyour home, then the "Hum-X" may be the solution.


best of luck, let us know what the cure was.

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