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What has happened to Gibson in Europe??


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I've been trying for a few months now the track down a Gibson Thunderbird IV bass guitar but everywhere I look they are out of stock and all inquiries about ordering one seems to produce the same answers...


"Gibson are not supplying Europe with guitars right now"

"We have had them on order since 2009"

"They are coming but we don't know when"


What the hell is going on?



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I'm very familiar with how they play so it's not a problem to order online... but all the major online stores here are giving me the same story... mostly that they'll be in stock at the end of the month. Of course when the end of the month rolls around they say the same thing again. One store even said they have been on order for 1 and a half years. Seems like something weird is going on.


I'm keeping an eye out for used ones but a lot of people have very unrealistic prices... like €100 less that the retail price on a new one. Add postage to that and whats the point of buying second-hand.

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In England, a couple of years ago, several very well known shops that stocked Gibsons, weirdly stopped stocking them altogether.


When I asked why, the answer was the same from them all. They had been told a new ruling required a certain percentage of their stock had to be Gibson (can't remember exact but it was c.80 plus I believe) and also that a similar percentage of their stock on display had also to be Gibson.


Peter Cooks in Hanwell, London, had for years sold Gibson guitars for VERY competitive prices (with excellent set ups and customer service too). They took exception to these rules as they sold an array of different top notch guitars so just sell them used now.


I have heard from a lot of colleagues and also kids who have been after specific Gibsons, that they have had a little difficulty finding a shop that nearby that sells them too. I don't know if it is this, or if it is due to the other reasons in the thread.




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Gibson does require retailers to follow certain Gibson regulations; They have that right whether or not someone agrees with that fact; I have no comment on the issue...

Musician's Friend has Thunderbird IVs for $1499.00 but I do not know if they ship overseas...I am sure that they have them in stock...Perhaps you can find someone here who is trustworthy who can make the purchase for you and have them ship the bass to you...Just an idea...If you want to try this option perhaps one of these threaders will assist you....

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NeoConMan S.W.A.G.*


Gibson starts and stops production on many guitar lines seemingly at random.

The T-Bird bass is not a very big seller, so I'm guessing they tool up, make a batch, then build something else.


How long has it been since there was a regular production Gibson Lefty of ANY kind?


They will build what they feel is important to them.

If none of their merchants are begging for a T-Bird bass (or only rarely) then they will wait for the market demand to build.




* Scientific Wild-Assed Guess

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