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Nieces 1st real guitar....

Bender 4 Life

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My wifes niece turned 5 yesterday, and Uncle Bender got her a LOVELY little noisemaker.......

She enjoyed her "pre-programed" toy guitar for her 3rd b-day so much that I figured it was time for this.

It was inexpensive, so she can drag it around, beat it down, break the strings, and have fun w/it in general.

Valencia (Rondo) 1/2 sized nylon string acoustic......in PINK!


b-day girl




and mum in law.....


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Now that is just too cool......She looks very happy.....Good for you......I often recommend the Squire mini-strat as a starter guitar for kids since it actually works, is inexpensive, and can be knocked around just like the real thing (and it is the real thing)....I trust that you give her simple lessons and all that good stuff..



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