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Hello, first of all and a question


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Long time 'lurker', low poster so hello to some is in order I suppose. Of course, I have a pressing question

so if it's ok, I'll get right to it:


Casinos made in the late 70's (Japan), did some of them come with a 'bolt-on' neck? I know these

were the budget guitars, and the bolt-on won't derail me, but I do want to make sure that was an

Epi offering. And, yes, I know I can 'google' it, but why get info from a 1st year student when

there's PhD's available?


Thanks, by the way, and I really enjoy reading on the forum. I hate to admit it, but it's the

arguing that's interesting.....lol

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Yes, they were made with bolt-on necks in the 70's and the model was called the EA-250 or 5102T. They were also branded as Aria guitars.


Caveat emptor though, they have a reputation of failure at the neck block which would likely be more expensive to repair than the price of the guitar if even possible.


There have been dozens of inquries about these guits on the forum, here's two of them:





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