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A new ditty that I wrote.


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Thanks fellas...


...Work with it - setup some chording and do a two track.


I'm working on that. I need to figure out how to edit multiple video tracks together. I'll probably just record it, and mess with it in GarageBand.


I loved it......smile for cryin out loud!


Haha. I concentrate on not messing up so much, I forget to try to look like I'm having fun. ](*,)


...Hey were you the one who mounted the cam to your headstock in a previous video so we could see your playing from the headstocks perspective? That was cool and you should do that again if it was you! :)


Yep, that was me. I'll try doing that on my next vid. The mounting thing I made for my camera broke, so I have to pick up some J-B Weld to fix it. :-({|=

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