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I Like Split Parallelograms

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Hey E-minor7, Not to speak for TheG, But his SJ is the 'Woody Guthrie SJ'...A 40's Banner headstock reissue, that apparently had the unbound neck.

I have been gassing over this one....


Me thinks this is a good price for this, especially with the Fishman Matrix installed.

Damn it, if someone would by my '80 Les Paul, I could swing it...Ha!


Ouuh yes, forgot that one, thank you for reminding. Maybe I tend to think one way or the other, but of course it takes all sorts of all sorts to make a (Gibson)world. GoodGasLuck. . .


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What a nice pair - Suit each other so good. Do we see a slight modifikation : Pearl-shield'n'butterbeans ??

Yeah, that pearl TRC is really cool. I thought about one of those for my Vine but I was afraid it would make my guitar look a little too "John Rich".

(.. you know .. the guy from that USA country duo "Big & Rich"). JR really likes his bling!





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It's a 1947 L-7.


Speaking of split-parallelograms, here's the wedding ring my wife designed and had made for me.



That is too cool, very sweet. I have been wanting a nice masculine silver cuff bracelet, that design would make an awesome one!

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Hey, stop dumping on the AJ inlays. They are unique in a good way. Ah, it doesn't get enough respect anyway....


Consider me a "Forward - Reverse" kind of guy, but the inlays on the AJ are one of the things (along with the tobacco burst) that grabbed me and wouldn't let go.


That's OK though, I really never know if I am going forward or backwards anyway... I just know I will NEVER go Straight! [cool]

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