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ES series hollowbodies


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Hi, I need to get somewhat educated on a couple of ES series models.I know that the ES-175 has been around since the late 1940's. In bewteen then I'm sure there are more desireable years, made in USA or other countries, changes, etc, and what kind of quality are the newer one's made today.Do they still put the PAF pickups on today's 175's?


Also wondering what the differences are between the ES-175 and the ES-335


I have this crazy thought of selling my two current guitars and I'll be that much closer to potentially getting my hands on my dream guitar { ES 175 }, although i would like to know about the 335 as well. Thanks!

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Hi all,


I would like to fully decode the serial # of my ES-335 dot. It was made in the USA. What city was it manufactured in?


The serial # is 03090559


(I got as far as Novevember 5, 2000......am I close?)


I appreciate the help!

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