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Thank you Musicians Friend


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I recently purchased a Les Paul Junior. It is one of the custom shop limited edition mahogany body $129 from Musicians Friend. I really like this little guitar, it's pretty cool, looks and plays great. But there was one problem. Also supplied with the guitar was a cable, in a plastic bag with a tie wrap twisty. I carefully removed the cable and plugged my new guitar into the Fender Mustang II amp and... nothing. I checked all the connections, volume controls and plugs and all was OK. So I unplugged the cable and luckily, I had another cable , so I plugged the guitar back in and wonderful tones ensued. I contacted Musicians friend customer service and asked them if I could return the defective cable in exchange for a working one. I was very surprised and pleased when the service agent said he would send me a new cable, free of charge (a very nice cable) a fine gesture of customer support. So I thank you for helping an old guitar player out of a small jam. I will definitely use Musicians Friend again for whatever gear I might need. Great service and thanks again. Hey Epiphone, could you look into beefing up those flimsy cables you supply with guitars like mine.





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I've also had great experiences with MF's customer service.


One time I ordered 3 12-Pack "Specials" of my favorite guitar string brand,

(on sale), along with some misc. stuff. My package arrived, and I had.....

3 SETS of STRINGS, not 36 SETS. Ohhhhhhhh, [cursing] !!!


I called MF, explained, and they told me to KEEP the strings, and sent

the original 3 12-PACKS, PLUS 2 decent 20FT Git cables, and a KORG CA-30

Electronic Tuner as "compensation" for my trouble.

I was a long-time customer, and had definitely "dropped some Coin" with

them. The extra Goodies were unexpected, but very appreciated.


I WILL be doing more business with them, unless I'm cheaping out on ebay or




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I agree they do have great customer support. Two weeks ago I ordered a matched pair of electro-harmonix 6l6 power tubes, my amp tech was putting them in and adjusting the bias but told me they were pretty weak for being new tubes. I called Musiciansfriend and asked if I could swap them for some new ones. Surprisingly they just told me to keep the old ones and they sent me new ones free of charge!

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I had mostly good service from MF.


An IBJL Casino, LP Special, and LP Junior SE all arrived in perfect condition.


There were at least two accessories orders they screwed up over the last two years, but considering how much I've ordered from them, really can't complain.


And their CONUS shipping is fast and usually free. Sweetwater is also very fast, and their customer service is even better than MF.

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