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One more live video - this time with a Gibby ..


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I managed to cut a few more tracks from Saurday nights show.


This track probably got the best crowd response for the night, even though we almost totally cocked it up near the end !


Power of Love - Frankie goes to Hollywood


Yes its cheesy but Ive always loved this song, and its one my favourites to perform out.





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Nice job EA. You have an interesting way of holding the guitar......like standing classical. Is that how you always play?


Thank you very much, and interesting you noticed the sitting position.


This stems from the fact that i have a bit of a lower back prolem, where it start being quite painful if i stand for too long without much movement and also when i twist too much.


Hence, I generally choose to lean against the stool to provide some weight support and hold the guitar in this somewhat classical positing as it keeps my back the straightest. It wasnt a concious decision, just sort of happened and i feel confident playing in this position, especially when strumming.


On some tracks I also stand alltogher, and when i play arpeggio rhythm and more picking i like to have the right leg over left position while sitting on the stool.


cheers !

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