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Choosing an acoustic guitar


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This is a very good topic which deserves more attention. Never the less I'm a bit scared it's simply to big for anyone to really unfold about it. The statements would end up like smaller short-stories if these experienced - let's face it - hardcore 'forumers' first began. A lot of common unison talk would be aired and shared, but I'm sure there'd come informative differences growing from the underwood after a while.

Well well - it hasn't happened, so. . . .


The video-guy, by the way, tries his best and might get home in the end, but his mic is just too unprecise. One thing you'd better check before stepping up on the fruitcase to speak of acoustics is, , , ,


No offence -

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As the video guy I appreciate the feedback, I am new to recording on youtube and used my laptop mic for better or worse, my new videos I use a shure mic with a direct usb hookup, still not quite what I want but I am learning as I go and hopefully get better at this, bear with me and subscribe to my youtube channel for updates and new videos, Tell a friend as well, Thanks

The video guy "Greg".

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I appreciate the tube-tests/demonstrations very much. We should be grateful for the people who takes time out to cast light upon different themes : Guitars, tone-rites, O-ports, capos, strings etc. It's a privilege to be able to tune in and be shown in case some interest or inspiration comes falling from the skies.


Still the testers must show some niveau (and a lot do). It takes authority to be an authority.


1- The tester have to realize they are responsible for the inexperienced and blank watchers.


2- The tester have to realize that there is a huge percentage of hard-liners among the audience.


The first group needs good guidance and should not be misled. The second will follow the videos with eyes like eagles and ears like wolfs. Nothing will pass unnoticed. The tester sets himself up as some kind of mentor and like any other teacher he/she is at stake, , , and very easy to overthrow, if fragile or not convincing. Not exactly the point whether the demonstration is private or pro.


This was my quota, I'll now zip up. Keep up the good work - You have a lot to show and tell.

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