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Up for sale is highly customized 51' P-Bass reissue. Designed to recreate the John Paul Jones bass that he used. It is a serious eye catcher. Great "stripped" look that JPJ had. The bass is a fantastic player. The bass all together weights only 7 Pounds! It has a shaven Jazz neck and custom cut bone nut for extremely low action, this bass practically plays it's self. One of the coolest features is the 6-way Varitone Selector switch. These are commonly found on Gibson EB basses and Acoustic 360 use something similar. They are a Bass/Mid/Treble Boost. A fantastic feature for any bass player who uses a multitude of tones through out a performance. You can check out other basses he has built (bikebassnut) and at Certainbass.com. Keep in mind this not a stock model I am selling, this is $1,350 worth of parts and labor put into it. I am sad to sell this bass, since I am no longer in Led Zeppelin tribute band. It's brand new, only 3 months old. It has been in it case since.


I am looking to trade or sell for a vintage Gibson, Rickenbacker, or Fender Jazz.


$1,200 or best offer plus shipping.



Here are some high detailed pictures




Here is some specs

Fender Ash Body

Lindy Fralin Pick Up

Gotoh Tuners

Fender vintage style bridge

Fender Jazz neck

*Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut

Varitone 6 selector switch.

Comes with Fender Hard shell case


Email me at gswbasketball2002@yahoo.com

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Certainbass is a typical example of a

custom builder without a big-time name.


There are plenty more like him, and you

can get a custom ax for the price of a

Fender, EBMM, etc. I've always tossed

that fact into any thread where someone

whines about how their special needs

can only be met by a custom build but

they don't have the $4000++ price of

admission to that world. You'd think if

such whiners really had such compelling

NEED that they would've already found

out that Sadowski, Alembic, etc do not

"own" the custom bass scene. Google

searching is not Rocket Science.


Ever heard of Tom Clement, Bill Roberts,

or Dave Wendler ? OK, prolly not, which

is how I have a custom bass from each

of them .... each acquired for the cost of

a Fender or EBMM etc etc.


BTW, these are not just doll-ups, not

just pretty faces. These basses are of

unique designs, with specific intent at

solving old problems and/or some new

approaches to tone and ergonomics.





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Noticing the basses you're willing to allow in

trade, it seems that if the market is so dead

that you hafta KEEP this ax, maybe it's your

blessing-in-disguise ? So you're not in an LZ

Trib band anymore, and you ordered this ax

as your JPJ near-clone. So, by that logic a

JPJ bass is now a surplus item.


By yet another logic, the basses you'd allow

in trade constitute a definite group, being all

cornerstones of 'classic bassdom', despite

the differences within the group.


I see your for-sale ax as a proper member

of that group or class, and can't see where

you'd be crying crockodile tears if you wind

up "stuck" with it in sluggish market. Given

the group/class as defined, your bass is not

just an ordinary citizen .... it's nobility.


You've got a P-bass and you would trade it

for Jazz. There's a lotta that going around,

but I suspect you'd really regret letting go of

it. Does Certainbass do any upgrades like

adding a bridge PU to your bass ? It seems

they try to offer all the options .... but some

builders will not rework an ax once it's been

sold and put to use, especially if it involves

routing wood AFTER it's been painted.


Just sharing my impressions ....




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Alright guys, guess what I am back in a Led Zep

Tribute band. This is good news. But I need the

Fender Jazz, people would recognize that more

than the P-Bass. .....


GAS is nothing to be ashamed of ! Admit that

you simply WANT something .... and join the

party, the GASsupport network !






OK, it'd be nonsense to pretend I'm reading

your mind, but I can read your post, and I see

"people would recognize" ..... ROTFLMAO.


Audiences are soooo clueless. Yes acoarst,

a dedicated knot of fan bois knows too much

detail and need to get a life, but most of your

audience ? They aren't like that. Take a look

[google a look] at the historical re-enactment

scene, and the term "farby".


"Farby" refers to stuff thaz clearly too far from

authentic, stuff that busts the overall illusion of

time travel. "Farby" derives from "far beyond",

as in "far beyond reasonable accomodation".

Re-enactors are very dedicated to preserving

historical fact by bringing it to life .... same as

a tribute band. "Reasonable accomodation"

simply proves to be, well, reasonable.






It's your gig, and you know your market, but

I smell GAS ! Maybe I'm off target. Audience

cluelessness is the foundation of the whole

entertainment biz ! It makes our job do-able.

Ever think of converting your fretted P to the

JPJ FL-P ? Maybe have an FL-J built with

the same neck socket and just swap necks ?


I'm just sharing some thoughts. GAS is an

affliction to be proud of, meaning I'm not

trying to paint a negative picture here, but

perhaps a clearer picture ? Anywho, I got

GAS, he got GAS, all Gawdz Chillenz gots

GAS ! I mean only to extend the "hand of

fellowship". Please accept it as such.


Almost forgot ! .....

Congradz on your newest LZ trib gig !




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Your totally right golem. The musicians who make up two percent of the audience are the only ones who can tell. But I want to appeal to those 40 year old cougers with massive racks in the front row who are still trying to hold on to the greatness that was Lead Zeppelin. I know that most people won't care if I play a bass other than a jazz. But why not have it. I have the two acoustic 360's, the Hammond Organ (A-100, very similar to the C2 that he used) and I have the rhodes.

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My guess is the guitar player is going to have all the "correct" looking toys, so you might as well also.

I went to see Led Zeppelin 2 back in the spring and the bass player had a black P/J pbass instrument, it worked and sounded fine but wasn't giving me the visual stimuli.

BTW here is shot of me with my Jazz, a MIM with a few mods.


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I'm not sure what that means. I have played tons of Jazz basses before though.


Hi again,

What I meant was just to be sure you would be physically comfortable with a J bass, because it has an offset waist, unlike a P, which you mentioned you already had. I didn't know if you had played J's at all, but I see you have extensive experience with them.


Anyway, I hope you get what you are looking for. And post pics if you do! Always exciting to see others' basses!

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so you guys will never believe this.


Yesterday I traded my P-Bass for this.


1997 Alembic Epic Bass. Sounds good and plays great.

But it's on the block right now.



OMFG ... and the dawg he rode in on !


I think I need to go home right now and hug my P-bass.....

and all my 'Leo Basses'. That would be some 15 axen by

Fender, GnL, and EBMM, and I'm not even a purist type

of Leo freak. I mean, I gots Warwicks and Peaveys, too :-)


Anywho, best wishes to you, for a speedy recovery.







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