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is this years darkfire an upgrade ?

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i'm saving up for a dark fire and i am wondering if this


year's edition has any upgrades/differences from the 1st run editions


the 1st runs "buy it now " on e-bay are asking 3 grand.


i saw that some places have the new one around 3500.


is the new one any better/worse than a first run ?

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Hi downhillpony [smile]


DarkFire's came out from sometime May 2009 there is only 1 version of DarkFire ! under 2000 made

even thou there are serial numbers over 2000 ie: mine is DF 2411

There is NO (this years) model of the DarkFire


Robots are Generation 1


Dark Fire's , DuskTiger's & 2010 Std Ltd are Generation 2


DarkFire (new) comes with DarkFire Firmware that can be updated to DuskTiger Firmware (Which I'm on with my DF)


DuskTiger & 2010 Std comes with (DuskTiger Firmware)


There are different Batteries in DarkFire to DuskTiger etc, also they come with different RIP units.


In my opinion the Dark Fire is the best pick out of these.

I use mine though VG-99 driving various synths...great fun.


For initial check list on DarkFire's PLEASE go here....



For all the best facts & information & help on DarkFire's & DuskTiger etc PLEASE go here...



Might even find someone their that might want to sell !


All the best to ya

Cheers hope this help ya [biggrin]

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Avoid disappointment and frustrations go get a real Les Paul!!! [thumbup]



You are pathetic! you we deliver to each post!

We all also "real" LP but have you ever tried a Dark Fire??

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I own both a LP Standard, and DarkFire. The DF really is one heck of an instument... just treat it nice. I'd hate to see what would happen if the headstock slammed into something.

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