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Custom Shop serial number issue


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To all...

Help! I am the owner of a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom...serial number stamped on the back of the headstock top is 5 9199...but there is no "CS" preceding these numbers. Custom Shop sticker is on the bottom of the headstock back, and I have the typical Custom Shop case. I don't seem to be able to find out when this instrument was made and exactly what it is...it is a Custom (ebony fretboard and all the usual Custom goodies), mahogany back, but the top appears to me to be mahogany as well... top is sunburst(dark)tobacco brown finish with a beautiful vertical grain pattern, also fairly dark. It is not the typical "yellow" in the center fading into a tobacco finish. It is all tobacco colored, just darker around the edges. It is a 2 piece top, but the seam is just barely visible between the 2 pickups. I am really unable to see the seam below the bridge and tailpiece. Gold hardware and a beautifully aged binding...I purchased it used (of course) back in 2005 at a Guitar Center in Marietta Georgia at a good price, but they were unable to tell me any history about the instrument. It's a fairly "fat" neck. If anybody could help me find out exactly what this is I'd be forever grateful... If I had to guess, I'd say late 80's-early 90's reissue of some sort. It's a screamer...I did replace the original pickups with some black/cream open top DiMarzios (no covers)that seemed to fit my playing needs and style...I use this guitar for a lot of Duane Allman type slide work and picking and the new pickups really helped me achieve that growl that Duane was so famous for. Granted it's no '59, but it does have amazing tone and incredible sustain...

I will attach some pics tonite and let y'all take a look at it...I'm not looking to sell or trade, it's not original as I've swapped out original pickups (still have them though) and I'm not worried about what it's worth...I'd really just like to know what it is and when it was made for my own sanity...Silly, huh?

Thanks for reading!


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