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Vintage Les Paul? - Real or Fake?

Dillon Anderson

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This is my first post!




The tour that I'm on made a stop in Pontiac, MI (Outside of Detroit) recently and a friend of mine went to the local "famous" pawn shop and walked out with this...



He paid $7,000 for this guitar and me and our guitar tech think it might be fake!


There is NO SERIAL NUMBER on the back... The guitar is heavy but I've played vintage les paul's with a lot less inlay, 2 pickups, etc that are still even heavier. The inlay is also still perfectly white and if I remember right, it's supposed to age in color a little bit right? I've also never seen gibson pickups with the actual logo on them (like fender's humbuckers)... I tried googling about the pickups but couldn't find anything.


I don't know enough about the guitars to be able to tell a real from a fake but just wanted to see if there was any noticeable red flags from this picture!


We're taking it into the gibson factory when we get to nashville on the tour but wanted to go ahead and post. It's definitely a cool, one-of-a-kind guitar if it's real!!!

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The pickups are at least Gibson. They embossed "Gibson" on them about 1971. Most Les Paul Customs would have gold hardware, even though a few were made with chrome. Here is a picture from the Goldtop thread from about a week ago.....



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It looks like a real Gibson from this picture, but would need to check it out more closely. Another possibility....It might be real, BUT not original. Some modifications may have been done. The knobs stand out as not standard Gibson stuff. The inlay is highly custom. The block inlay alone would be... .standard Les Paul stuff, etc.

Maybe someone else can help with this one more, Good Luck!

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Dillion, try this same thread on the Gibson Lounge, we'll be all over it........Gotta say, no serial # doesn't bode well for / towards authenticity...



Where is the Gibson Lounge??? I'll try to get more pics of it!


The owner said he "sanded it off" but anyone who knows anything about guitars (let alone has a highly custom les paul) would know to never touch that serial number!!





EDIT: nvm i see the gibson lounge now haha thanks for the advice

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