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2000 custom shop elegant heritage flametop


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Picked it up for my 15 year old. Looks authentic from the clues I've researched on this and other sites.

Just one little question tho. Not much is posted about this particular style and model.

Most pic's I've seen have pick guards attached. This one does not. Would installing one affect the value?

Paid 2500.00 for it and the boy is strutting around like a peacock with it.

It's a pretty little guitar(I'm not a player)and sound real good thru his Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp.

Thanks in advance for any info on this or any other knowledge you can share with me.

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Installing a pickguard should not effect the value substantially, as long as its the normal pickguard for that guitar.


I'll bet your son's thrilled. Let me know if you need to adopt any more kids. I'm only 54 and I know how to mow the lawn but I don't like to take out the trash. [biggrin]

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