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Fall From Plane Eyed in Probe of Teen’s Death

By Joe Dwinell

Boston Herald - Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Investigators trying to solve the mystery of how the mutilated body of a 16-year-old from

North Carolina ended up dropped on a posh Milton lawn are asking Logan International

Airport officials to probe if the boy was a stowaway on a jet.


“We’ve been requested to look into the possibility of that,” Logan spokesman Phil Orlandella

told the Herald this morning. “There’s a remote possibility — a remote possibility,”

Orlandella said of the theory the teen could have been hiding on a plane coming into Logan

from North Carolina. It is probable the teen could have crawled into a wheel well.


Orlandella said jets approaching Boston from the south drop their landing gear right above

Milton at about "1,500 to 1,700 feet" near the Blue Hills. "As they approach runway 4

Right, usually wheels go down at about that height," Orlandella said this afternoon.


When asked if a plane was due into the airport around the time of the teen’s death Nov. 15,

Orlandella said there are numerous planes coming into Logan from North Carolina at all

times of the day and night. A spokesman for the FAA also said jets from the south do pass

right over Milton, but at a slightly higher altitude of 2,900 feet.


Orlandella added “law enforcement agencies” have turned to Logan officials and investigators

to help in the puzzling case. “We’ve been asking questions,” he said this morning.


The mutilated body of Delvonte Tisdale was discovered on a Milton lawn last Monday night

at 9:30 off Brierbrook Street and his identity was confirmed this weekend by detectives

using a fingerprint match on “a known personal item.” Investigators had traveled to

Tisdale’s home in Charlotte to hunt for any DNA clues or fingerprints to help identify the boy.


An autopsy did not show any clear signs of a cause of death beyond the obvious trauma,

police said. Toxicology results are still pending.


Norfolk District Attorney William Keating’s office sent out a statement today saying they

won’t divulge steps being taken in the probe. "The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office is

investigating every possibility regarding how Delvonte Tisdale came to be found dead on

Brierbrook Street in Milton, Mass., on Monday, Nov. 15, but the office continues to

decline to detail specific investigatory measures being taken," the statement reads.

"The investigation remains active and ongoing on multiple fronts."


Police told the Herald on Friday Tisdale had severe head trauma — with some of his remains

found in two places on the street — and his arms and legs were broken. Tisdale, a North

Mecklenburg High School student was last seen in Charlotte on Sunday. A missing person

report was filed Monday, the day the unidentified body was found in Milton. There was no

identification on Tisdale when he was discovered on the lawn wearing a pair of jeans over

gray boxer shorts, but no shirt. He did have a note in his pocket — believed to be a hall

pass — that included his last name.


That note proved to be a big break in the case.


The teen’s heartbroken dad said this afternoon he has no idea about any theory his son was

a stowaway or why his boy would even leave Charlotte. "I still can’t believe our son isn’t

with us," said Anthony Tisdale, 38. "My son was a hard working young man. He didn’t

frequent the streets ... he loved ROTC ... and video games."


"This is the most baffling thing we can understand," a family friend said in the televised

press conference. The family added Delvonte did not have a fascination with planes.


UPDATE: The FAA reports there have been 63 aircraft flights involved in

wheel-well stowaways since 1996 where 60 people died and 12 survived.

(Some of those flights had multiple people stowing away.) Last month a Russian teen

survived a 50 minute, 300 km, flight in a turboprop aircraft, an Antonov An-24.



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Ah ha....So that's how Randy Quaid and his wife got to Canada......TSA would have recogniced him during the touchy feely process.


I can see the TSA now, saying, " Oh, Mr. Dennis Quaid, can I have your autograph while I touch your junk ? " [flapper]

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He didn't say YOU had a mancrush, Neo....



Just sit back and enjoy the adulation of your groupie, man. It comes with being a naturally dynamic personality!







So... the point of the topic is.....



A. Teenagers can do some really stupid things.


B. Aircraft Wheel wells are a vastly underrated tool for thinning the gene pool.


C. The pleasure of TSA groping is a special priviledge reserved only for ticketed passengers.


D. All of the above.






I'm going with D!



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How does the wheel well thing EVER seem like a good idea?


Think about THIS;

When the gear comes up as you're staring into thin air, think about how you're gonna fit in there.

Not a lot of extra room in any of those wheel wells.


And as those tires are coming at you, they're spinning WAY over 100 mph.

And you thought rug burns were painful...

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