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AB Tone and Volume MOD POT's


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Gang ... I pulled out my ol' Ripper last night ... trying to determine the year.


It's Sunburst brown (kind of chocolate covered, not red/cherry, tobacco? but not really dark).

I found something strange kinda strange after I've been searching the net ... It has 4 knobs (not three), silver, I took the pick gaurd loose and flipped it over.

The POTS have an Allen Bradley symbol (you-know) the AB with a stop sign around it ... also MOD POT (with a trademark symbol).

On the side of the pots, I found W142Y on three of them and W142Z on one of them.


The toggle switch flops between one pickup or the other, or both (doesn't have rotary switch like others I've seen on the net).


The serial number is 190XXX ... with "Made in the U.S.A." underneath all stamped into the wood.


Please help ... My guess is somewhere between 1973 and 1975.


My avatar is a small picture of it ... Can add more if needed.



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rd_artist ...


Links to "the project" ... lot's of rust and dust ... as for the knobs, pots etc... I don't know what they are or where to get them ... or, if I should start from scratch and make the axe as from factory. Waiting for communication back from Gibson whether or not it was a special order or someone revamped the controls at one time or another.


Thanks for the interest!








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Did you get an answer?


I'm rebuilding a G3 that also had A-B ModPots installed.


I was going to replace on the assumption that they were just someone's science project...but, they are possibly stock?

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It's funny ... I stopped wondering and left the L9 as-is ... My Mom passed away last year and left a bunch of memorabilia behind ... I found a VCR tape with My step-dad playing the base in 1979 ... and it had the same knobs and pots ... look at the pictures I took ... they may have been stock but no one has been able to tell me.


I received a confirmation email from Gibson that the bass is indeed a 1975.


We should do a little more digging ...



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Pop wasn't adept at electronics ... more than likely he didn't modify it himself.


He did buy it used ... 2nd owner ... 1979.

When I inspected the underside a little closer, I can see that whoever did the work knew exactly what they were doing ... even the aluminum underneath modified a little.


Yeah ... this was a mod job ... probably by the first owner ... wish I knew who they were ... The guitar was purchased in the central valley of California ... probably close to Visalia or Tulare.


I tried contacting the music store in Visalia (Whites Music) ... they have records only back to 1996. (darn paper systems).


I retire in 2 months from my day job ... gonna fire her up with new strings and do some long distance recording with my ol' buddies ...


I love my Gibson.



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