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My True Vintage Southern Jumbo with the new FireStripe pickguard instead of the Tortoise pickguard! Same '50's style, different material. The camera doesn't capture the "aged" finish to well, but the firestripe really goes good with it. I've seen the teardrop pickguards in firestripe, but not in a '50's style. What do you guys think?







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Looks great Larry....


Funny thing, when I first saw my Gibson AJ, I didn't like the firestripe pickguard at all, but I have to say that after owning it and looking at it all the time, it now has become one of my favorite pickguard looks!


I wonder how one of those would look on my LG1? [tongue] (I bet it would be a thinner material and "open" up the sound even more.

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I think it looks great! I did the same to my 2009 J-45 True Vintage. It's the exact same material. I got mine from www.terrapinguitars.com Of course, changing the teardrop shaped guard on a J-45 to a firestripe has less of an impact on the look and tone of the guitar,compared to your guitar. The guard itself is a lot smaller.

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The reflections in the lacquer of this SJ lift it from beautiful to delicious. Is it the original bridge ?


yes, it is (was).. i let this one go about a year ago, i think. the guitar was from a short, custom run from fuller's in TX. rosewood b/s. i think the fire stripe guards are a cut above. the OP's looks great.

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