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i have recently bought a les paulcustom from epiphone and when i select the bridge pickup i can barely hear it with my amp on full volume and the guitar on full volume, if anyone has experienced this or knows what the proplem is and how to deal with it the advice would be much appreciated


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most likely cause would be a loose wire on the selector switch, or the selector switch itself . You could try some contact cleaner spray on the tone/volume and selector switch, if that doesn't help then a visual inspection of the wiring to check for any obvious loose wires. after that we are into replacing electrical components territory, which we can help with if required.


welcome to the forum [biggrin]

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thanks, i had a look at the pick up selector and all wires are fine as are the control knobs, when i select the bridge i can hear it through the amp but its just really really quit, i will take it to my local repair shop and let them have a look

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Welcome to the Forum - we'll try and mislead you as best we can! [thumbup]


Are you comfortable with removing the rear control covers (both 3 way switch and

Vol/Tone Knobs) and gently moving Bridge Pup wires while git is plugged in and


Turn your amp down to a "normal" volume level before doing anything, and make sure your

Vol/Tones are turned up...


Face git away from you so you can see/touch the wiring, then just carefully

"wiggle" each Bridge Vol and Tone wire after plunking a string on the front.

You'll be looking for a "sudden" FULL electrical contact, meaning possible

crummy solder joint or internally broken wire. If this happends, sound will

be a-comin from your Bridge Pup.

If no results, focus on 3 way switch cavity, do same thing - may have to use a

pencil to move the wires in there.


It is unfortunately common to have bummer solder joints, all depends on the skill

of the tech who put it together.


One of our members JUST went thru same problem, please read the following SHORT



"Bad Solder Joint and/or Broken Wire?" - YES, it happens...



Post back results!!! There are MANY folks here who can "mislead" you as well as I can!

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