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Video of my 11 year old son playing Heartbreaker on an Epi Ultra


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I thought I could get sweet sounds out of my '06 Epi Ultra, but my son who's been taking lessons /playing for 8 months found it easier to play than his '66 g-400. Here is a video link to his first "gig" at the Crossroads at Garwood in NJ with two students and two instructors playing Zeppelin's Heartbreaker. Soon I'll be taking lessons from him. Check it out. The song starts at about 2:45.



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That's bad-***! Rockin'!


When I saw him switch to the bridge pickup, I said to myself, "here it comes".


Really cool! [cool]


The lady singing must be the school band teacher or something, right? They do shows similar to this at my kids' schools. I got a kick out of the line "...you call me another guy's name when I try to make love to you."


Sorry, I got a dirty mind. [wink]


My son's 11. He wanted to play guitar a few years ago, which is what got me into it again. He couldn't get through the first days of finger pain, so he's laid his guitar down for now. He plays trumpet, so at least his lips will be in shape for when he needs them for other things. [wink]



If your boy can play like that after 8 months of lessons, imagine how he'll be playing if he sticks with it through the teen years.

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The rhythm guitarist and the singer are instructors, bass and drums and students. Glad you liked it!


Got it. Some days my reading comprehension isn't all there.


I wish I could have been that good after 8 months. Maybe if I'd started at 11....


You should be proud!



My daughter is 9 now, and just started expressing an interest in guitar. She's a wee tiny thing, so I bought her a Squier mini-strat. She's already making music with it. In other words, the notes fit together when she noodles around. But she spends about 4 hours every day, after school, in gymnastics. She has little time to spend on guitar, though she'd like to. It's her choice, and she still chooses gymnastics.

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My son who's been taking lessons /playing for 8 months found it (Epiphone Les Paul Ultra - ed.) easier to play than his '66 g-400.


Well hell ... I could have told you that ... Ultra's RULE! I just gave mine an affectionate pat on the head(stock) after watching this great vid!


Wonderful job on the song ... you must be one proud poppa!



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Very good!!! Your son sounds like he has a natural talent! I think it is great to see kids wanting to to learn to play music. I'm teaching my 5 year old how to play guitar and he is soaking it up like a sponge!









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