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Black Beauty 3 Pickups


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hello I just Ordered a new Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3 I was wondering where i might find out what brand and model the pick ups are in ea, location. I hear of some people changing the shitching also. I think a 6 way would be cool if any one has any ideas or recomendations please let me know,

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Congrats on your future acquisition!


At first blush, play it for awhile, and then see if it really needs some mods.


I would have thought that the type of pup would have been clearly stated, but all it says is Classic Alnico Humbuckers. <_<


I think the quickest way to get that many options on the pups is push/pull switches vs a 6-way selector. (IMHO)


I have this, and have left it completely stock.



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