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It was titled: Outing NeoConMan.


I made a poll asking the polled if they thought NeoConMan, given his recent thread about a J.B. doll and feigned attempt to disavow interest in the young man, was a closet Justin Bieber fan. [woot]


1. Absolutely, Bought the doll

2. Heavens now, burned the doll.

3. Only his Hair Dresser knows for sure.


I thought it was hysterical! I figured Neo would spill his afternoon coffee on his tidy whities. [lol]

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Never saw it...


BTW, I never delete anything. It either gets shot in to Area51 for review, or put in unapproved status until an Admin looks at it


In my line of thinking, if it is un-viewable it means it has been deleted.

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