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My last pickup swap for a LONG time. I'm getting a pair of Mean 90s from GFS that I'm putting in a 66 reissue G400. That will give me a G400 with the P90s, a G400 with the Alnico II toneriders, and a Gibson SG special with stock Alnico II pickups. That should hold me for a good long while.


Oh - and I have 2 Epiphone LP jrs with P90s.



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You'll love those Mean90s.

If you get to really want a mix, try a neckP90 with a bridgeHBer.

Mine's in a hollow but I can just imagine the growl out of a solid!

Congrats again on the GFS.

I'm looking forward to getting them. I'm just north of GFS by about an hour and a half; usually get 2 day service so they should be here tomorrow. I'll get them in tomorrow night. Hopefully, since they're two-wire pickups as opposed to 4-5, they'll be easier to get through the hole than the toneriders I wrote about last week! (but they sound great!)

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It's been over a year since I installed Mean 90's. If my memory serves me, they come with 3 wires. (North, South, and case ground). Simple install but....take a good look at the directions.

Jay explains that if they sound week or "thin" in the center position then you just need to reverse a couple of the wires at the pots.


If you can, you might want to just tape or temp the connections and then try them out before soldering.

Other than that they were an easy install and sound great.




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-All I can say is that I love my Mean 90 neck p'up. And the Mean 90 neck/bridge 'bucker combo is killer that still sounds great when the switch is in the middle spot. Mine is just as quiet as the DiMarzio bucker I have in the bridge. And it cleans up great when rolling back the volume. I can really work the volume to go from clean to overdrive without changing the amp volume. You should be happy with the Mean 90.






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It's done - they look and sound great [thumbup] I got the black mean 90s. The make this cherry '66 reissue look like an old SG special.

Awesome about the sound, sort of expected that from the m90s, can't say what it looks like though, I can't see it. pics, Pics, PICS !!!

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