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Neck Specs......?


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the necks really do vary...just like on the original Bursts! i have never seen any complilation of data on this, only pics of guys who put the necks side by side.


typically, the neck size goes like this (starting large)






LP Custom

USA 50s

USA 60s

USA Classic 60s slim taper

Jimmy Page CA


some people consider the "59 profile" to be its own, but i am pretty sure Gibson USA considers this the 50s neck. at best it just a hair thicker.


feel free to correct me guys if i missed something.

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Does anybody actually have specs on the thickness of the different necks?

Interesting...the only problem is neck sizes are all over the place. My R8 neck is not that much thicker than my R9s neck is. Whereas, I've played other R8s where the neck was massive and really D shaped.


It would be nice if Gibson had some sort of listing or chart that showed median neck widths along with a range of let's say, + or - 2 millimetres.


FennRx, R2-R7. I've played countless R7s and yeah, the necks are fat...orca fat! I've only played one R4 and can't recall the neck width. Are those year reissues the fattest? R2, R4, R6, I mean. I always thought that R7s specifically had the fattest necks. [-o<

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