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Machine heads


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Nothing works better than a Rotomatic - and they will last forever.

Gotta drill a new hole for a screw though.

No big deal, but I would take it to a luthier if you've never done it.

Pay him the $30 for the peace of mind.



All the vintage style tuners - regardless of manufacturer - are built much lighter.

They will fit without mods, but they're not very durable, even with the 14:1 ratio that Grover uses on theirs.


I've replaced 'em on a few guitars over the years - I love 'em. [thumbup]


Actually, whichever style you decide on I would use a Grover.

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I've got a 2005 Sg special faded and one of the Klusons has come apart. I'm thinking it's a good excuse for a tuner upgrade. Any ideas on the best brand/model that would slip in without any mods?



Thankyou Cabba and Neo for the advice.....Fatboyblind, I have the exact same problem with a LP Traditional.......


A helpful link.......www.GR Guitar Parts.com ( they have gibson parts ).

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Roto or the Grover vintage series, which ones would you say were better? I'm thinking the vintage ones might not need new pilot holes drilled.


The vintage style should fit without drilling.

Rotomatics with the screw leg that points straight down I've had fit without drilling as well.


Even if you end up getting machine heads where you have to drill the screw hole, it's really easy to do.

One of the simplest "mods" to do to your guitar.

The main thing you need to remember when drilling is DEPTH or you will punch through the face of the headstock.

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