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More GAS problems


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Oh man it looks so nice. I bet it sounds even more amazing! [scared]

Im pretty sure Ive been a good boy this year. Santa? can I expect this

to be under the tree on Christmas? [biggrin]

haha all I can expect this Christmas...but I would buy it myself. I'll just take my chances [flapper]


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I'm a big fan of buying yourself a Christmas gift... I mean... who knows what a good boy you've been better than you???




You Betcha' [thumbup] And besides, were talking an SG here.

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That's one guitar I wish I liked because I love p90s and they're a pretty good deal.


I just can't stand the necks and I don't like the pickups.



What? [huh]

You just made no sense.

quite the hypocritical post.

you like the guitar and the P90s

but you dont like one of the most important parts of the guitar

and the pickups which you said you liked?


huh [confused]

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What just happened? :unsure:


Another thread derailing for some reason or another....happens alot. I understood DUB.....I thought this thread was about SGs and DemOOn asking advice on EMG pickups, and then, well...............it's a GAS thread..........so, ah,


Sweet SG, post pics when you get it.......


P-90s are great pickups, many choices out there......

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