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my brand new traditional heritage cherry pictures


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very nice. I love heritage cherry. if I didn't already own a Standard in heritage cherry, I would have chosen it for my Traditional instead of the goldtop I picked. I love the look of the pickguard too...having the pickguard on my Traditional has inspired me to put it on my Standard as well.


great choice, man. how do you like the 57's in there? terrific, right?

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Sweet! But minimum requirement for a new guitar is 5 pictures....

Says so right in the rules.


Yes, I think it's a law. or,


It's in the regulations. Now if we were in Germany, I'd be making up your bunk, but - we're in Italy, so you gotta make mine. Regulations.

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That's a nice top. Just when I settle on an ES-335, or an R8, I get to thinking. I can buy a Traditional, gig it a year, and pay for, and write off an ES-335.


I'm sure the reason there are foums, is to make us buy stuff.


Works too.


Nice axe.



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