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I need help!

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I have a story to tell and why this particular pedal is do dear to me.


a long time ago my friend "Garlow" taught me how to play bass. He was patient and kind to show me everything he knew. He was a death metal guy and I was blues but I didn't care I absorbed whatever I could from him. He played bass but he mostly played guitar.


Well not to long ago Garlow passed away in a fatal head on accident. It wasn't his fault, the other driver was drunk. He had very few musical instruments, since a lot of his stuff was stolen over the year (He lived in bad part of town). His grandma (who he lived with) decided to give out his musical instruments to his best friends.



I got his guitar wah pedal. I'm not sure how to use it for bass. It's so thin and weak sounding but I feel bad if I don't put it on my board and not use it. Is there anything I can do to make it sound better for bass?


Thanks everybody.

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Easy mod. Change the sweep by swapping the 0.01µF cap between the emitter of Q2 and the inductor. Try 0.068µF for a bass wah.


Pictures and details at this link. http://www.wah-wah.co.uk/index.html

Click "DIY resources" then "Wah circuit mods". As mentioned by Dub, you are looking to change the sweep range (the frequencies affected by the wah effect).

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