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Mauro Giuliani: Variazioni sul tema della Follia di Spagna

Shnate McDuanus

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Yeah, I'd put money Matt Sear has some ideas on it.


Nice stuff.


As for "classical guitar," there's way more on Youtube than I'm likely to make it through for a long time.


here's one of my favorites. I do it a bit differently




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This classical guitar site has free tab and music and is inhabited by guys who love classical guitar...


Here is a discussion about this piece



Sorry I can't help personally. I have only learned a handful of pieces from this period






Thank you so much for the link! I managed to find a .pdf of the sheet music, so I'll be off and learning it in no time. I've already worked out the first few bars (which, as a very poor sight-reader, is quite an accomplishment for me!) and I'm sure I'll have it down by this time next year, at least... [unsure]


When I've gotten it all figured out I'll post up a recording. Either that or I'll have given up on the guitar completely...


Again, thanks so much. I'll check this out tomorrow--it's quite late here and I really ought to be in bed. I just had to stay up until 4:15 AM and watch Hannah and her Sisters again... [unsure]](*,)

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