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Epi "Dot"


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Hmm I was taking a look at an epiphone dot in the shot today and I wanted to see how it compared to my custom shop 335.

I saw the body and I was like wtf? take a look

my custom shop 335 vs the dot

the body seems to be slimmer...I dont like [thumbdn]


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damian, does a NASA Paleontologist study dinosaurs from space, or in space? :rolleyes:


NASA had me sign 467 pages of confidentialality agreements; all on old papayrus paper.....


No bones about it though, in general, both....


A new secret NASA program involves searching for signs of life in a bottle of TANG

left over from a Mercury flight...No need to worry though, the program budget is

only 254.87 million dollars spread out over 4.698 years; and if no life is found in the TANG,

bactirea will be malipulated to glow orange and will be secretly inserted into the TANG

before the BIG news announcement.....STAY TUNED.......

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all Epi models based on Gibson models are slightly different in dimensions, and even from factory to factory to save on materials and time/labor involved.

some of Epi's origional models, such as the Sheraton, were very close to Gibson spec for similar guitars when Epi 1st produced them, but have also been "tweaked" over the years to save time/money/materials.

hmmmm kind of the same thing Gibson has done......... :unsure:



DAMIAN !!!!!! that is without a doubt the BEST avitar i've ever seen !! [thumbup][thumbup]

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no,no,no, tang is just a knock-off advertisement of twang, as in "but this wonderful U.S.A made guitar (chines poop) offers the best amount of tang there is!!" :unsure:


EXACTLY ; Yes; TWANG represents Fender Teles, and Tang represents cheap knockoffs...

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In reference to the OP, that pic is quite old. The Gibson on the TRC is something that hasn't been on there in quite a while.


I have a 2007 Cherry Dot that is just as wide as my brothers 1967 Gibson ES335.

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