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Happy Birthday Randy Rhoads


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Hard to believe that Randy would be 54 tomorrow! Because of his untimely death, he will be forever young to us all. No other rock guitarist has inspired me so much with not just his music, but his insistence on individuality and the need to forge your own path and not just copy. Also his love of classical guitar made a big impression on me as a child.


These two pieces are from a friend's indie documentary that sadly didn't happen, but some of the interviews are being released over the next few months.


I hope you enjoy my Classical arrangements of these two interludes of Ozzy Osbourne songs.


1.Documentary title music (based on interlude of I Don't Know

2.Revelation Fantasy (based on the middle section of Revelation Mother Earth)

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Thanks Matt...........54 is young these days for a rock and roller............hmmmmm........


I can imagine a headline; " Randy forgives Ozzy, new Rhodes / Osborne album out soon, first tour together in fifteen years."

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Hi Jocko



When we went so see Ozzy, BLS were the support band. It really seemed to me that Zakk's "let it all hang out" style of playing, really sounded at home with BLS - It sounded rebellious, in your face and what rock n roll is all about msp_thumbup.gif


With Ozzy though, that same loose vibe didn't just sound right with alot of Ozzy's back catalogue. Ozzy's music, especially the first two albums with Randy, are so well crafted and of course very classical in their nature that I think it takes a very special player to do the songs justice.


An awesome player in his own right, but to me anyway, I think guys like Jake E Lee and Randy were Ozzy's ideal guitarist's. I prefer Zakk in his Pride and glory hat!



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